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Rachael Knopf, D.C.

Dr. Rachael grew up in Marin County, California surrounded by helpers and healers of various flavors. A nurse, a social worker, an occupational therapist, teachers, and and a minister count among her closest relations, so she was imbued from childhood with a desire to serve others. Bitten by the notorious "horse-bug" at age 6, she knew from a young age that horses would figure prominently in her life and career. Years of riding lessons and weekends and summers helping out at the local equestrian center paid off when, at age 14, she and her equally horse-crazy little sister were able to welcome Danny (pictured above), a plucky Connemara/Arab gelding into the family. Danny followed Rachael to Cal Poly, where she studied Animal Science, and then back to Marin County, where she spent 2 years as a riding instructor and horse trainer. 

The "lightbulb moment" that convinced her to investigate chiropractic school was when one of her equine colleagues received an adjustment that seemed to imbibe him with the vitality of a horse 10 years younger. Upon the suggestion of a Cal Poly Dressage Team teammate, she attended Life Chiropractic College West's prospective student weekend, and left buzzing with purpose and enthusiasm for her newfound calling. 11 months as a chiropractic assistant for a local DC confirmed that a life in this work would be fulfilling and she matriculated at Life West in the fall of 2015. 

  • B.S. Animal Science- Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.   

Dr. Rachael's interest in biomechanics and the inner workings of the body was fostered in the prestigious Animal Science department. She participated in the equine reproduction program and the colt-starting enterprise project, as well as being an active member and officer in the Cal Poly Dressage Team.

Dr. Rachael's lifelong hunch that, given the opportunity, the body will heal itself found support within Life West's vitalistic paradigm. 3.5 years of education into the patterns, processes and problems of human physiology, and countless hours of extracurricular activities and weekend seminars (including involvement in Kairos Training Culture, Bio-Geometric Integration, and the Life West Animal Chiropractic Club), she is well-prepared to serve you, your family, and your pets at the level you deserve, and support the body's healing processes.

  • D.C. (Doctorate of Chiropractic)- Life Chiropractic College West. 

During her last quarter at Life West, Dr. Rachael commenced the 210 hour post-graduate animal chiropractic certification course at Options for Animals in Kansas, where she learned alongside veterinarians and other chiropractors the ins-and-outs of applying her chiropractic art to quadrupeds such as horses and dogs. She passed the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association certification exam in June 2019, and has since brought clarity and coherence to the neurospinal systems of horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and even a camel!

  • Certified Animal Chiropractor- Options for Animals/International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

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