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 Rachael has a gift for chiropractic that will help heal you. She has a deep sense of the human body and how it functions and uses chiropractic to help heal the body from the inside out. I have had back problems for a long time, but Rachael has helped care for me and heal my body so I can continue to do the things I love to do. I always feel calmer, and more aligned, not just in my body but in my mind too. She is calm, intuitive and spiritual, and you will feel at ease, relaxed and well cared for in her hands. 


My history with chiropractic is cloudy.


Growing up, my best friend’s father was president of the California Chiropractic Association. He loved me like an extra daughter. 

Whenever I’d take a fall from a horse - which happened regularly - my friend would tell her dad and he’d personally call me to come in for an adjustment. I trusted him implicitly and with good reason.

After I moved away and he passed from stomach cancer - I tried several chiropractors. But who can compare to someone who treated you like family?  I’m sure I unfairly judged them. I never felt as listened to, as respected as an athlete and as a human. I was  “just another patient.”

I finally gave up on chiropractic work and relied on massage, yoga and NSAID’s.


In parallel - the chiropractic work done on my horses was performed by a friend so dear - my husband and I were married in her house. The trust and respect was deep and horses bloomed under her hands. Time, distance and illness meant she could no longer care for my growing herd. Other chiropractors tried to work on our horses, but trust just wasn’t there.


Until Rachael Knopf.  I have found someone who listens, someone who answers my questions as an aging athlete, as a person with responsibilities to many. She has a beautiful approach that inspires me to trust her emotionally and physically - and the results have been dramatic.

For her to be able to transfer those technical and listening skills to the horses was unexpected and very, very appreciated. 

Rachael has a way of looking at the whole being - physical, emotional, occupational, and spiritual and thinking of ways to help our bodies help themselves.  

Rachael is a rare find. 


Rachael Knopf is a healer.

Rachael has come to my place off the beaten path several times now. She has worked on me, and two of my horses with incredible gentleness and patience. One is in his 20’s, and the other is a youngster who had an accident. The youngster needs a series of treatments to support his healing and growing. Rachael also helped Ben the barn cat, who was stepped on by a horse. I felt great after my first treatment, and from watching Rachael work on all of my animals, I understand why. I know it takes a tremendous amount of knowledge and schooling to be a chiropractor, but without intuitive understanding, and love, manipulation of the body would not necessarily be helpful.

Rachael gently touches, stretches, rocks, and moves all the limbs, the poll, neck, shoulders, hips, spine, and tail. We are all relaxed and feel great for days after our sessions.

Wendee Walker
Mustang Yogi 20
Brioso 5
Arteiro 5
Ben 1

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